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Precision medicine can give physicians an invaluable head start on personalized care plans.

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Quality of Care - Cardiovascular Disease

Patients indicated for cardiovascular genetic testing rarely get tested. Health systems are expanding testing to improve outcomes and quality of care. Learn how expanded testing benefits your patients and your system.

Better Value - with Precision Medicine

The promise of precision medicine is here for patients. Health systems are not waiting for the future anymore but thriving today. Learn from your peers on how they implemented precision medicine for better value.

Clinical Innovation - Molecular Cancer Diagnostics

Biomarker profiling of tumors is an innovative, yet indicated way to care for cancer patients to improve outcomes. Learn how health systems rapidly expanded access and changed care for their patients.

Improved Access - For Everyone

Whole person care is stronger with precision medicine. As we know the patient better, we can deliver equitable outcomes. Learn how systems leaders are taking precision medicine into their health equity strategy.


Helping you deliver the value of precision medicine, today

Health system leaders have always sought to provide personalized care for the communities they serve, so it’s no wonder that precision medicine is one of the hottest topics in healthcare today.

Precision medicine accounts for all health determinants, allowing us to deliver care in the context of an individual's socio-economics and genetic makeup. But the genomic testing that would make all this possible, often remains an afterthought.

The human genome that made the cover of TIME Magazine 20 years ago is now a guideline-indicated, medically covered, first-line test. Today, genomics-powered precision medicine offers real improvements in patient outcomes, care quality and cost in multiple service lines. Yet many health system leaders remain unsure about how to develop a system-wide strategy.

That’s why genomic industry leader Illumina has partnered with Becker's Healthcare to create The Precision Medicine Insider: an essential resource for health system leaders who want to start accessing the benefits of genomics-powered precision medicine now - while preparing for its rapidly evolving role in the future.

Rigorously informed and regularly updated, The Precision Medicine Insider contains information, insight and practical guidance to take you closer to the position of knowledge that the world of genomics affords.

Get ready to venture into the known.